State-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to help radiologists make better medical decisions

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Our goal is to bring unprecedented diagnostic outcomes in medicine using deep learning.

Deep Learning utilizes deep learning technology, which combines convolutional neural network architectures with massive computing power to allow software programs to identify visual differences between healthy and an unhealthy body parts.

Medical Tool

Medical image diagnostics can take a long time, be inaccurate, and inconsistent with variability of agreement between an attending physician and radiologist being as high at 32%. employs deep learning to help radiologists make better medical decisions resulting in better clinical outcomes.

Learns Over Time becomes smarter and more robust over time by incorporating feedback from radiologists. The technology uses pattern recognition to perform object classification having been trained on an enormous amount of images.


Jeet Samarth Raut

Jeet Samarth Raut

Co-founder and CEO

Jeet is a founder of He's an alumnus of Columbia University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He was a research assistant for the Phonetics Lab, Life-span Development Lab, and the Computers and Cognition Lab at Stanford University. Jeet is a halal cart connoisseur.

Peter Wakahiu Njenga

Peter Wakahiu Njenga

Co-founder and CTO

Peter is a founder of He's an alumnus of Columbia University and University of California at Berkeley. He Previously worked at Facebook on machine learning for place search ranking and on messaging infrastructure. He also worked at Intel and AMD on chip verification. He likes morning runs along the Hudson river.

Jeet Samarth Raut

Mia Moe, JD

Business Developement

Mia is the head of business development at She's an alumnus of University of Wisconsin-Madison where she acquired her doctorate in law. She is the founder of Spelling Pro and has extensive experience in business development from her past role as Marketing Director at Renaissance Learning & Director of Communications at LENA Research Foundation. Mia loves playing tennis and catch with her dog.

Jeet Samarth Raut

Jing Chao Lin

Software Engineer (Intern)

Jing is a Software Engineer working on the deep learning algorithms. He is an Computer Science Student at MIT. In his free time, Jing can be found playing basketball or at a machine learning meet-up.


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