’s AI Algorithmic heatmaps 27 cases against SIRM Positive COVID-19 and 1 UK patient

Further to our analysis of the positive cases of COVID-19 from the SIRM database, please find below the original chest x-ray image from SIRM and the our red dot® algorithmic heatmap. There were 28 CXRs cases reviewed and we correctly identified 85.7% of them with an algorithmic red dot® abnormal flag. These results are very promising and require further positive cases from across the world including the UK to validate the results.’s technology is available here and now to help manage the inevitable burden that will affect global health systems like the NHS in the coming weeks. We are here to help.

Case UK 1
Case 4
Case 8
Case 12
Case 14
Case 15
Case 21
Case 22
Case 23
Case 24
Case 25
Case 26
Case 27
Case 29
Case 30
Case 31
Case 32
Case 34
Case 40
Case 41
Case 42
Case 43
Case 44
Case 47

False Negative

Case 2
Case 7
Case 13
Case 38

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