Research Manager

Location: London

We are seeking a Research Manager to join our organisation to lead the clinical research and validation of our products delivering ground-breaking clinical studies. The role will require significant experience in research methodologies related to clinical trials and algorithm validation. are developing innovative products and you will be comfortable in thinking outside the box as new concepts and methodologies evolve in the artificial intelligence and computer vision areas. The individual will have an established network of research communities and research specialists and be able to independently manage the research activities within the organisation and with our customers.


  • Develop, manage and co-ordinate research projects and clinical trials conducted by and with our clinical customers
  • Manage the research roadmap from inception to publication
  • Contribute to the writing of research publications and regulatory documents
  • Communicate between compliance and research teams to ensure studies meet and exceed the requirements set by global regulatory bodies
  • Lead data acquisition, participant recruitment, study design and ethics approval for completion of research studies and clinical trials
  • Conduct personal research and literature reviews to assist in building’s value propositions
  • Contribute to the development of the research team’s understanding of clinical challenges through dialogue with care providers and patients
  • Identify future research projects, partnerships and funding opportunities for the research and development team
  • Assist in the dissemination and promotion of results and publications from studies



  • Bachelor’s degree in a STEM subject (Master’s and above welcomed)
  • Professional experience working within a research institution or an industrial innovation setting
  • Understanding of clinical study design
  • A keen interest in the potential for AI to improve healthcare globally
  • A track record of involvement in research publications
  • A non-technical interest in the latest developments in artificial intelligence


  • Experience working in a software / technical / medical environment
  • Experience working with NHS Trusts / Healthcare providers
  • Experience conducting user/patient interviews
  • Knowledge of product management principles
  • Basic understanding of machine learning concepts